Boa Constructor - wxPython GUI Builder

A RAD GUI building Python IDE!
It is built on wxPython, wxWidgets and Python.
Boa Constructor as an IDE was inspired by and aspires to Delphi.

Main frames

 These are the main frames in Boa:
Palette Top frame containing a palette from which new modules or components can be created.
Inspector Left frame displaying constructors/properies/events of the selected object as well as an hierarchical view of the parent/child relationship of containers.
Editor Big IDE window containing the shell, explorer and any number of open modules. Each module contains a notebook of supported views on the module
Designers The GUI builder and other design time editors opened from the Editor
Explorer Standard Explorer type interface for interacting with various datastores like the filesystem, Zope, CVS etc.
Debugger Debugging window, opens up over the Inspector.
Supports source code tracing, breakpoints and watches.
Help Boa, wxWidgets & Python help.

Other sections:

Key definitions
Window layout
Different ways start or open files
Command-line switches
Preferences and Configuration
Notes on specific components
Support for Non-ASCII systems
Zope support

Mixing your code with generated code
Extending Boa by writing new components, models, views and explorers

The road ahead
Philosophy behind Boa


(c) 1999 - 2002 Riaan Booysen